Finding Your Wedding Photography Style

Wedding photography is perhaps the most important aspect of any wedding as it is the only means by which to capture the event in a tangible way. Having photos that you will cherish for years to come is possible with effective communication with your wedding photographer. A successful wedding photoshoot is a personalized process, and your wedding photographer is experienced in how to listen to your ideas and provide you with photos that capture your weddings true essence.

Photography styles differ, and many photographers come with their own personal creative approach in terms of perspective. It is important to understand some of the more popular styles of wedding photography so that you can best communicate your desires for your finished product.

Traditional wedding photography is characterized by predominantly posed portraits. This classic style involves the creation of images that incorporate the wedding couple, their family, and wedding party. On this list are also important moments to capture such as the first kiss, cutting of the cake, and other traditional elements of the event. Traditional photos typically require a lot of time spent on posing, which takes place before, during, and after the ceremony.

Steering a little away from the more traditional aspects, the artistic style of wedding photography is distinguished by a creative emphasis on details. In this genre, the photographer uses their creative eye to build images similar to works of art. The purpose of the artistic approach is to capture moments in such a way that the lighting and composition of the photo help tell the story.

Artistic style photography can require time spent on adjusting of lighting, which is why many photographers prefer to work with a more natural approach. Natural photography utilizes the natural light at the event instead of using lighting instruments and lamps. This technique is perfect for outdoor weddings and events held at sunset when the lighting is optimal for capturing the romantic feel.

If you want your photos to represent the emotions of your day, choosing to photograph in a documentary style will provide the best results. Documentary photography gives full license to your photographer to catch all of the little moments and interactions of you and your wedding party and guests, bringing the full feeling of the event to each photo.

Understanding what story you want your photos to tell of your wedding day is important in communicating effectively with your wedding photographer. At Heritage Photography and Film, your ideas are brought to life through the lenses of creative and experienced photographers. Enjoy your special day and the photos of memories for years to come.

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